Dimensions and Regulations on Elliott

1) HeartHero AED, pads and batteries included weighs 1.3 pounds making it one of the lightest AEDs on the market.
2) The device is 5.8” x 6” x 1.4” with ergonomic/integrated handle
3) Currently designed to meet FDA industry standards complying to ICE60601-2-4

How does HeartHero AED work


HeartHero has an intuitive design, the user simply pulls the red tab to turn on the device and release the pads. When the device is turned on and the sticky pads are applied to the chest, the AED reads the person’s heart rhythm to determine whether or not a shock to the heart is needed. Instructions will guide the user to stand back while the shocks are delivered. If more shocks are needed, the AED will announce and deliver those shocks. The HeartHero AED will also call 9-1-1 and any listed emergency contacts automatically. The device will NOT shock a person if their heart does not need shocking, making HeartHero safe to use if you are not sure a person is in SCA


Can the HeartHero AED be used on children?


Yes, the HeartHero AED can be used on both adults and children. Children are anyone that is less than 8 years old or weighs less than 55 pounds


Can a layperson use the HeartHero AED?


Yes, HeartHero was designed with the layperson in mind. Our goal is to empower people to save their loved ones with our easy-to-use device. HeartHero’s calm instructions and visual cues will walk the user through applying and using the device.

Heart Hero Eliott AED



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