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Emergency Products and  Life Saving Education

Our Services:

AHA Digital E-Cards

If you are having trouble receiving emails from the AHA to claim your eCards, there’s an alternative method for claiming.

You can now claim eCards by going to

Enter your First Name, M.I., Last Name, and Email Address. Please note that the information must be the same as the information provided to your Instructor during training. 

  • AED Management Consultation

  • CPR AED Training for Lay Public

  • CPR AED Training for Healthcare Providers

  • First Aid Training

  • First Aid CPR Training

  • Stop The Bleed

  • Blood-borne Pathogen

  • Oxygen

  • Baby Sitting 

  • Pet First Aid/CPR

  •  Fleet Driver Safety

  • Wilderness Prepareness

  • First Aid CPR AED Instructor Courses so you can teach within your organization. 


Save a Life?

Death due to bleeding out is completely preventable, yet thousands die every year from an injury that can be easily treated with training and a tourniquet. Join our STOP THE BLEED Class today and learn how to save a life.  

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